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What you get with Jib

Marketing platform that uses digital cards to engage your consumers by rewarding them with cash and offers. Track transactional data and user engagement, in real-time.

No Code Solutions

Create offers, send cash, and create QR codes or links to share with your customers through our dashboard

API Solutions

Send offers and cash to users through our API, subscribe to real-time transactional, and user engagement data

Transactional Ledger

Look at the transactional history of all your users, including attributions for how these transactions occurred.

Affilate Tracking

Use with your affiliate programs to track which affiliates are driving offline transactions.

How to get started with Jib

Step 1: Create Account

Click on the get started button in the top right

Step 2: Create offer or send funds

Create offers or send funds. To begin, simply add funds to your Jib account. Then, pay-as-you-go.

Step 3: Track user engagement and transactions

Utilize our custom dashboard to efficiently manage your offers, monitor user transactions and cards, and track affiliate engagement.


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Whats In Your Mobile Wallet

Whats In Your Mobile Wallet

Helping businesses forge stronger relationships with their employees, customers and fans through mobile wallet technology.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into Jib Technologies most frequently asked questions

What are Jib cards?

Jibs are virtual prepaid cards that anyone can create, personalize, buy, share, and redeem, directly from a mobile wallet. Jib has combined the emotional connection of gifting, with the speed, ease, and security of mobile payments, to completely reimagine incentives and rewards

How do Jib cards work?

Anyone β€” including advertisers, brands and small business owners β€” can create, promote and share their own co-branded Jibs with their friends, family, customers, employees or fans, who, in turn, can personalize and share with anyone, anywhere, anytime, directly on their mobile phones.

Are Jib cards secure?

Yes! Jib uses the same secure banking technology and payments infrastructure, and is subject to the same regulatory compliance, as all the major debit card networks. So, Jib cards are as secure as any other brand name prepaid or debit card in your mobile wallet

Can I sell Jib cards to my customers?

As a merchant, all you need is an active member account to create, promote, and share your own Jib cards.You can promote your very own Jib card link or QR-code via in-store signage, your website, social media and messaging platforms, or send directly to your customers via text or email.

Are all business types eligible?

Unfortunately, we can’t activate Jib cards for every type of business due to federal regulations we must follow as a financially regulated company. Please reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions or concerns

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