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Jib Technologies Software System

The software enables brands and businesses to design offers via the Jib portal, allocate funds for these promotions, and connect with consumers through the same platform. The software simplifies the process for consumers to opt into offers and redeem them using digital payments via mobile wallets. The data collected throughout this process equips brands and businesses with robust analytical tools, empowering them to refine and enhance their offers to consumers in the future.

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Key Features

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Digital Offer Creation

Users have the ability to create digital offers via the Jib dashboard, tailoring promotions to align with marketing objectives and target audiences.

Sending Funds

Create a digital gift card and send cash to your customers. Using the dashboard or our API.

Targeted Reach

The platform allows brands to reach out to their target consumers using digital channels, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement for their offers.

Digital Payments Integration

Jib Technologies integrates with mobile wallets, facilitating a seamless redemption experience for consumers when they opt into an offer.

Real-Time Insights

The platform provides real-time insights on the performance of each campaign, enabling businesses to optimize their offers based on customer behavior and preferences.

Powerful Analytics

Jib's data-driven approach allows businesses to make data-backed decisions, helping them re-market poorly performing offers or create new ones that are more likely to resonate with their target audience.

Scalable IT Infrastructure

Jib Technologies offers a secure, cost-effective, and elastic infrastructure that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Transactional Ledger

See the transactional history of all your users, including attribution details for each transaction.

Affilate Tracking

Run your own affiliate program and see which affiliate drove what transactions.

Getting Started

Jib Technologies has developed a product that streamlines interactions between brands, marketing partners, and targeted consumers. Getting started is easy.

  • 1

    Add funds to Account

    The first time you login you will be directed to add funds to you account. Add as much as you want. We will deduct amounts from your account in real time as you send funds to customers.

  • 2

    Send Funds or Create Offers

    Send cash directly to customers, or create offers to share with your fans. Restrict offers to specific merchant locations or dollar amounts.

  • 3

    View Analytics

    View transaction data from purchases your end users make from funds you send or offers you created. Analize the effectiveness of engagement from the second you sent the card, the the second the user made a purchase.

End User Experience

Jib's end-user experience is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

  • 1

    Card Received

    Cards may be delivered via email, SMS, QR codes, links or any messaging app.

  • 2

    View Card

    Users click a link to view their card. They can view their balances and available offers as well.

  • 3

    Add To Wallet

    Users add their card to any mobile wallet including Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • 4

    Make Purchase

    The user makes a purchase through their mobile wallet at any point of sale that accepts Visa and Mastercard

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